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How Old is God? Oldest mentions of God How old is the oldest mention of God? The oldest mention of God comes from the ancient Egyptian texts known as the Pyramid Texts. These texts date back to the Old Kingdom period in Egypt (c. 2686-2181 BCE) and were written on the walls of the royal tombs at Pyramid of Unas and Saqqara. The texts make reference to the god Atum who created himself out of Nun (the primordial waters of chaos) and brought forth the first gods Shu and Tefnut. Atum is therefore the creator god in Egyptian mythology and the oldest mention of him comes from the Pyramid Texts. The Pyramid Texts were written in Old Egyptian, the language of the ancient Egyptians, and were used in rituals and ceremonies related to death and the afterlife. The texts make reference to the sun god Ra and the importance of the pharaoh in Egyptian society. The texts were meant to guide the pharaoh in the afterlife and help him become one with the gods.HOW OLD IS GOD?